Getting the body you want is tough! Losing inches, dropping pounds and gaining lean muscle takes work. One of the best ways to reach these goals is to have the support, guidance and accountability of a fitness professional. Bret Smith Fit will get you the results you desire.

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Why I Do What I Do!

MY MISSION: To provide outstanding coaching in the areas of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition to San Diego’s growing health-conscious and mature demographic.

MY VISION: A thriving coaching business balancing in-person and online services allowing me the freedom to explore and pursue my personal and professional passions.


WHY: I care about instilling great habits to people who historically were brought up with the wrong mentality on health, fitness, and wellness.

HOW: Through my unique coaching program, which combines online, in-person and group sessions.

WHAT: I help people improve the strength of their bodies and the power of their abilities.


My Pillars


Being proactive with your health will prevent common injuries that stall progress and reduce motivation.

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Working in concert with medical professionals to assist in post-operative care due to work related and/or sports injuries. Having a skilled and professional provider will help reduce recovery time and improve the healing process.

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Purposeful movement will result in just that -- results. Keep the body moving in progressive and challenging formats ensures on-going success and massive breakthroughs!

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What we put into our body is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so a balanced diet is necessary to keep the body running strong and at optimal potential!

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Getting started is one thing but maintaining successful habits for the long run is another level all together. Staying the course through life’s many changes, schedules and TOGETHER you will have what it takes to handle it all.

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Meet Bret

I provide elite mind, body, and lifestyle coaching for mature adults through a modern-day approach of online and offline sessions.


Work with me.

You're in for a unique experience. From our initial conversation you'll get the sense that I'm not only a master of my trade but I take pride in working with dedicated clients and helping to facilitate their positive personal transformations. Clients come from all walks of life and tend to have a wide variety of both fitness and wellness goals.

Whether you have a weight loss goal that you are finally ready to achieve, want to gain lean muscle to show off at the beach, or need help with getting over an injury or operation I will get you the results you want. As an established trainer I feel that my kindness and sensitivity to a new client's insecurities and frustrations set me apart from typical personal trainers.

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